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Yantra to Attract Beautiful Life Partner – Apsara Sadhana Yantra Yantram Yendram In Copper అప్సర యంత్రం அப்சரா யந்திரம் अप्सरा यन्त्र – – S924068


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Approximate Weight: 18 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 7.5Lx0.1Bx7.5H in cm

Color: Brown



This is blessed, energized and activated yantra or yantram as per vedas.


Please expect natural variations.

The images signify actual product however color of the image and product may slightly differ.


The main advantages of Apsara Sadhana: –
1: – Those seekers who are full of farsighted but do not attract other people due to lack of attractive personality and suffer from inferiority complex, their personality can be very attractive and magnetized by the influence of this practice. And all the people who come in contact with him get attracted and attracted.
2: – Seekers who want to get a beautiful life partner friendly with the mind, but for some reason this is not possible, with the influence of this practice, they get the conditions of getting a beautiful life partner favorable to the mind and get a desired life partner. .
3: – The situation of distress and stress in a seeker’s marriage, family life, and social life arises, with the effect of this practice, conditions of love and harmony arise in their marriage, family and social life.
4: – The person who wishes to succeed in the field of acting, but can not succeed, with the effect of this sadhana, with the increase in the ability of the best acting in them, the situations of success in the field of acting should arise. Goes away.
5: – Even though the seekers are not in full puberty, even if they are in the puberty, this practice brings great youth and personality in them.
6: – The seekers / seekers wish to beautify themselves but they are punished with nature by nature, with the influence of this sadhana, the charm of beauty comes in them.
7: – Those who work in uncomfortable situations, or have a fear of going in the job due to lack of friendly person or colleagues in the seeker’s work area, their officials and colleagues become friendly with them, with the effect of this practice, The fear of going away also ends.
8: – Seekers who believe that they can not influence other people by their talk or work, their personality becomes very attractive and magnetized by the influence of this practice, and all those who come in contact with him get attracted and attracted Their things or work seem to be affected.
9: – For those who are deprived of happiness from their life partner in the life of men / women, it is best to do the highest spiritual practice, because of this sadhana, waking up in a man / woman, full awareness is achieved.


The omnipresent goal of human life is to achieve salvation by fulfilling its obligations while performing Dharma, and at the same time there is a main requirement for human “attractive personality”, through which it becomes self-reliant and passes through many disparities in life Does it!Those who wish to succeed in the field of acting or in their life, because of the inferiority of the form, beauty, youth, attractive personality, mind-friendly life partner, mind-friendly officer or co-worker and love in life, Worried by suffering, such a person is the best way to accomplish Apsara sadhana!Sadhana has been practiced since ancient times in the Vedic and Advocates of Sanatan Dharma, because their sadhana is much simpler and simpler than the sadhana of the Vedic Gods.In the very short period of accomplishing Apsara  sadhana, the art, form, beauty, youth, attractive personality, mind-friendly life partner in work, friendly person in the field of work or co-worker and love in life will get the desired results of harmony, puberty etc. By getting the physical life of the seeker full of absoluteness is achieved! This is the reason that in the very short period of time, the sadhana of the Apsaras, giving the ease of exemplary attractive personality, has been done for the satisfaction of ordinary householders for the satisfaction of physical life since time immemoria
 Apsaras are cultured in many forms, such as mother, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend, they are cultivated, and the way the seeker imitates them, they provide similar behavior and results also to the seeker. There is no difficulty or disadvantage to the seeker on applying the  Apsaras as a wife or girlfriend, because it makes the seeker’s personality so effective that the seeker’s Every person living in Perk seems to conduct friendly mind nymph seeker! And the nymph to go direct to prove he fulfills all the desires of the seeker under its properties, religion, borders no obligation under the influence and limit! On being instrumental in the form of a mother, she becomes diligent and follow the mother-in-law of all kinds in the form of a sister and daughter, she is collaborative by being emotionally emotional, and on the basis of her wife or girlfriend, the seeker receives many pleasures from him.
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