Ashta Dikpalas Gods of 8 Directions Brass Chombu Lota – A4637


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Approximate Weight: 900 Grams

Approximate Dimension: 8Lx8Bx9.5H in cm

Material: Brass

Color: Yellow



Ashta Dikpalas Gods of 8 directions brass chombu lota for puja purpose. Ashta Dikpalas are the Hindu Gods of eight Directions. Astha literally means “eight”, dik means “direction” and Palaka means Guardian. Hence Ashta Dik Palakas in Hinduism are the gods who rules the eight directions. Below are the details of the eight directions and the Dikpalas. 1) East – Lord Indra, 2) West – Varuna, 3) North – Lord Kubera, 4) South – Yama, 5) South East – Lord Agni, 6) Southwest – Niruthi, 7) Northwest – Vayu, 8) Northeast – Isana, Lord Indra one of Ashta Dikpalas eight gods, 1) Lord Indra – Lord Indra is regarded as the god of east direction. His vahana is Iravatham or the White Elephant which is symbol of royal strength. 2) Lord Varuna – Lord Varuna is the god of west direction. His vahana is Makara a crocodile. 3) Lord Kubera – Lord Kubera is the god of North direction. The vahana of Kuber is Nara or a Man. While some sources mention a Goat as the vahana of Kubera. 4) Yama – Yama, the god of death is regarded as the god of south. His vahana is a Buffalo. 5) Lord Agni – Lord Agni is the god of South East direction. Ram is regarded as the vahana of Agnideva. 6) Niruthi – Niruthi is the god of Southwest direction. His Vahana is a Gohoul. 7) Lord Vayu – Lord Vayu is the god of Northwest direction. A Deer is the vahana of Vayu. 8) Isana – Isana is the god of Northeast direction. Vrishbha (bull) is the vahana is Isana.


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